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Patrick Novecosky | author
Dec 01, 2014
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Why the Legatus Summit matters

PATRICK NOVECOSKY writes that Legates will be refreshed by the Legatus Summit . . .

Patrick Novecosky

Patrick Novecosky

I don’t know about you, but I always used to get the winter blahs about three or four weeks after Christmas. It never failed. After celebrating Christ’s birth and ringing in the New Year, there seemed to be nothing left to look forward to until spring.

Two things changed that. First, I moved to Florida. Second, I went to my first Legatus Summit. Now, we all can’t live in Florida but every Legate can certainly visit. And what a better time to get re-energized in the sun — and in the faith — than at Legatus’ biggest event of the year?

This year’s Summit is shaping up to be a remarkable one. I recently had the incredible opportunity to interview Bret Baier from Fox News Channel and actor/humanitarian Gary Sinise, both speakers at the Jan. 29-31 Summit to be held at the Ritz Carlton Beach Resort in Naples, Fla. Both men will speak about their Catholic faith and how it has propelled them to succeed at home and in their work.

Other speakers include Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (a convert to Catholicism), New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Acton Institute founder Fr. Robert Sirico, and comedian Tom Dreesen (who used to open for Frank Sinatra), among many others.

While the speakers are all headliners, they are not the best reason to attend the Summit. The liturgies and sacraments are powerful — and for some people, life- changing. Eucharistic adoration is available, and a special exhibit on the life of St. Mother Théodore Guérin will be a highlight.

If you read Tom Monaghan’s column on the Legatus Enclave, you’ll note that participants found the camaraderie that resulted from the gathering to be the most meaningful part of the event. The Summit is no different. Members soak up the spiritual, the personal, and the educational. And did I mention the sunshine? They soak that up, too, especially during the golf tournament and 100 yards away at the Gulf of México.

There will be a few surprises, too. Every Summit has its own flavor and January’s event will have its share. The great thing is that each person goes home with something different. That’s the beauty of our faith and our Lord. He knows what you need and is ready to lavish it upon you.

So I’m done with the winter blahs. Life is too short to let snow and ice get you down. See you in January!

PATRICK NOVECOSKY is Legatus magazine’s editor-in-chief.


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