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John Hunt | author
Nov 01, 2010
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Why should Legatus grow?

Legates are in a unique position to fulfill their leadership role in the Church . . .

John J. Hunt

John J. Hunt

In my last column, I wrote about obstacles that may deter Legates from inviting prospective members to enjoy the spiritual and social benefits of Legatus membership. Here are some common questions about membership recruitment.

I don’t discuss Legatus with prospective members because I’m not familiar with membership criteria.

The criteria are available on the Legatus website: In addition to the prerequisite that a prospective member be a faithful Catholic as defined by the Church, the candidate will meet three additional requirements with regard to Title, Personnel, and Volume/Value. A wallet-sized Membership Requirements card is available to members and chapters from Legatus headquarters. Call toll-free: (866) LEGATUS (534-2887).

I don’t know the sales volume or number of employees in the prospect’s company. How can I know if he/she qualifies?

It’s not necessary to ask business-related criteria questions. Rather, after referencing the criteria on the website or Membership Requirements card, you can simply state those criteria. For example, after introducing Legatus to a prospect, you might say, “Jim, I think you and your wife would enjoy Legatus just as my wife and I do. There are, however, a few membership criteria. I don’t know the size of your business, but the minimum number of employees to qualify for membership is 30 and the minimum annual revenue is $5 million.” Usually the prospect will say, “Oh, that’s no problem” or “Unfortunately, I haven’t reached those levels yet.” In such a case, the criteria issue has been addressed with no embarrassment to either party.

Why is it important that Legatus grow?

As the leading Catholic lay organization for business executives, Legates are in a unique position to fulfill their leadership role in the Church. It’s imperative that we welcome all qualified executives and their spouses so that this valuable apostolate be a spiritual oasis in their business, family and personal lives. “To whom much has been given much will be required” (Lk 12:48).

Send your questions to and I’ll respond in my next column.

John Hunt is Legatus’ executive director. He and his wife Kathie are members of Legatus’ Chicago Chapter.


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