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Patrick Novecosky | Review
Jun 02, 2014
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Why Be Catholic?

Popular author Patrick Madrid lays out 10 answers to this very important question . . .

MadridWhy Be Catholic?
Patrick Madrid
Image Books, 2014
240 pages, $22 hardcover

Subtitled Ten Answers to a Very Important Question, Madrid’s new book offers readers a way of looking at the Church — its members, teachings, customs, and history — from perspectives many may have never considered.

Growing up Catholic during a time of great social and theological upheaval and transition — a time in which countless Catholics abandoned their religion — Madrid learned a great deal about why people leave Catholicism and why others stay. He shares that experience and many other insights into what it is about the Catholic Church that some people reject, as well as those things that others treasure.

Order: Amazon, Image Books


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