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Gerald Korson | author
Sep 02, 2017
Filed under Movies

WHAT TO SEE: Miracles

Ignatius Press
Run time: 35 minutes

This documentary attempts to explain what miracles are and what they are not, and the attitude we should have toward them. Using wonderful images of the natural world and insightful commentary by leading Catholics, such as Father Marcus Holden, director of the Maryvale Institute, Fr. Andrew Pinsent from Oxford, attorney Jamie Bogle and his wife, journalist Joanna Bogle, this educational video accomplishes much in a short time. It highlights miracles found in Scripture, the miracles of Christ, and miracles attributed to saints. It also presents the incorruptibles, such as St. Bernadette, and concludes with Eucharistic miracles, the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, and the many scientifically verified miracles that have occurred at the Shrine of Lourdes. This is a beautiful film that demonstrates how God shares his power with us.

TIM DRAKE is a Legatus magazine staff writer.


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