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Tim Drake | author
Jul 01, 2017
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Every Parent’s Battle: A Family Guide to Resisting Pornography

Dan Spencer III
Our Sunday Visitor, 175 pages

It’s a topic no one wants to discuss. Yet, we must. Pornography is a $13 billion industry that claims new addicts and destroys marriages daily. To avoid addressing it, especially with our children, is to do so at their peril.

Spencer’s book is a great resource in helping parents deal with the scourge. It describes how pornography leads to addiction, and is filled with spiritual and practical ways to porn-proof the home. It stresses the importance of open communication and establishing clear boundaries. Each chapter includes reflection questions and action steps, making it a practical tool. There’s an extensive list of helpful resources, including prayers, a purity pledge, accountability checklist and more.

Order: Our Sunday Visitor,  Amazon


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