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Stephen Henley | author
Aug 01, 2019
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Time to take an active stance

In early June, nearly 200 CEOs contributed to an advertisement in The Wall Street Journal, “urging companies to stand up for reproductive rights in the face of ongoing abortion bans in states across the U.S.” Their goal is to change the public’s view of abortion from that of “moral disapproval” to one of “positive good” for employees and business customers.

Stephen Henley

The current climate surrounding abortion finds itself in a moment unlike any before. This time is urgent and critical in our fight for the lives of the unborn and their mothers. Catholics and Christians alike are looking at new ways to respond to attacks on life.

Rightfully, one of our chapter presidents reached out to the board to discuss what we, as Ambassadors for Christ in the Marketplace, are going to do to counter this. Because Legatus has a “no solicitation, no fundraising and no special projects” policy to provide an environment where Legates can find safe haven from such things, as an organization we won’t engage on the same level as those CEOs represented in the article. However, while this means that Legatus is not providing a path to response, it does not mean we don’t believe you should respond: this is a perfect opportunity to be Ambassadors for Christ in the Marketplace. In the very near future, Legates will have a platform (Legatus Networks) to be able to opt into conversations like this for those that want to play an active role. Stay tuned for this exciting rollout in the early fall 2019.

As a “Christian witness,” you are called to stand up and fight for the unborn. How much stronger the Church is by having disciples do what Christ commanded us to do, to “go therefore and make disciples of all Nations…”. Imagine if Christ did not send the Apostles or the 72 disciples, but rather said, let us make a decree as the Church. Imagine if you, as a CEO, just operated your business from a passive position. Your business would collapse.

The actions of thousands of Legates will speak louder than the words of 200 in The Wall Street Journal. While those CEOs could be commended for taking a stand, what you choose to do now will have far more lasting effects than words printed in a newspaper. Legatus’ role is to offer catechetical sustenance through a group of likeminded Catholics and the sacraments. Monthly meetings should be a respite from the war of the world and nourishment to continue on in your fight, in this case, the fight for life.

We at Legatus, from those at headquarters in Ann Arbor to every member of each chapter, extend our encouragement, support, and hope that you will look for ways to answer the call to actively take a stand for life in your own communities. St. Catherine of Siena’s immortal words continue to speak to Legatus members: “If you are who you should be, you will set the world ablaze.”

STEPHEN HENLEY is Legatus’ executive director.


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