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Stephen Henley | author
Sep 03, 2016
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Thriving during times of change

Major transitions are part of life. At times, the upheaval that comes with transition can seem overwhelming. But as we find our way through the chaos of change, we find new adventures and great opportunity on the other side.

Stephen Henley

My predecessor John Hunt spent eight years steering Legatus through, at times, rocky transitions. He stabilized Legatus’ financial status, which was critical to the organization’s survival. John understands Legatus’ mission in an even more integral way, as a member of over 20 years with his wife Kathie.

John’s new “Ambassador at Large” position will see him visiting new chapters in their early stages of development, current chapters that celebrate anniversaries, and chapters in trouble that need his expertise. I am grateful for his mentorship. He has made right the way for me to follow, and I am humbled, honored and confident as we move forward together.

This change in leadership comes as Legatus also moves its headquarters to Ann Arbor, the home of its founder — and Legatus’ original home. Finance director Liane Gunning and publications director Patrick Novecosky will be moving with the headquarters. We bid farewell and best wishes to Elizabeth Saggio, Ashley McNamara, Pat Cole and Linda Potter as they move on. Elizabeth has been with Legatus since 2007. We will miss her “can do” attitude. Linda has been keeping the lights on for two years as she worked diligently on Legatus’ financial matters. Ashley has also been with us for two years, and has left her mark by not only fulfilling her initial role of accountant but also by administrating our website. Last but not least, Pat joined the team when Legatus moved to Florida in 2005. She has played “mother hen” for the HQ staff while also supporting John as executive director and taking care of our board of governors’ needs.

I am grateful to the headquarters staff for their willingness to help make this move as seamless as possible. Our successful move will be a result of their hard work and dedication to Legatus!

As summer ends and you move into the hustle and bustle of fall, know that I hold you in my prayers. Though change is a part of life, we can take comfort and strength from our common faith in Christ and in Legatus’ mission.

STEPHEN HENLEY is Legatus’ executive director. 


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