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Patrick Novecosky | author
Nov 01, 2011
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The Pope is calling you

Patrick Novecosky writes that the Holy Father is calling us to evangelize the culture . . .

Patrick Novecosky

I’m always encouraged when I meet a bishop who loves Legatus. It happens quite frequently for a couple of reasons: because Legatus will only establish chapters in dioceses where it is welcomed by the bishop and because we send our magazine to every U.S. bishop and a few others abroad.

As a matter of fact, some of Legatus’ greatest champions are bishops. Several bishops have opted to become their chapter’s chaplain. Others give us one of their most competent priests as a chaplain. Many of our chaplains are monsignors, while others are the diocesan vicar general, chancellor or auxiliary bishop.

Another Legatus champion is none other than Pope Benedict XVI. In anticipation of Legatus’ 25th anniversary in 2012, the Vatican’s Secretariat of State issued an encouraging letter from the Pope to founder Tom Monaghan. We’ll share the entire letter in the new year, but here’s an excerpt: “The Holy Father encourages the Legatus membership to grow daily towards spiritual maturity so that their efforts to serve the Lord and His Church will bear abundant fruit for the good of society and the advancement of God’s kingdom of justice, holiness and peace.”

Pope Benedict is also encouraging his bishops to nurture lay organizations like Legatus. In his address to new bishops on Sept. 15, the Holy Father said that “bishops have the task of watching and working to ensure that the baptized increase in grace, in accordance with the charisms the Holy Spirit causes to arise in their hearts and communities.”

He went on to say that such “charisms which the Spirit arouses” in the laity are “for the edification of the Church” and that bishops should accept them “gratefully, for the sanctification of the Church and the vitality of the apostolate.”

There’s no question that the vast majority of American bishops have given their unqualified support for Legatus and its mission to live, learn and spread the Catholic faith. For nearly a quarter century, the organization has existed to help educate and form Catholic CEOs and executives in their faith so that they may be leaven in an increasingly secular society.

With the recent “Occupy Wall Street” protests against corporate greed making headlines around the world, Legates have something radically counter-cultural to say by their integrity and example. Members regularly receive accolades for their community service work and philanthropy. (Click here for a related story)

Well-formed Catholic business leaders are changing the culture for the better, but we need more men and women in the battle for the hearts, minds and souls in a society that seems to be losing touch with its Christian roots. So let me encourage you — like our bishops and our Holy Father — to help Legatus grow by inviting a qualified colleague to a chapter event. You never know the “abundant fruit it may bear” for God’s kingdom!

Patrick Novecosky is Legatus Magazine’s editor.


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