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John Hunt | author
Jun 01, 2009
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The Legatus experience

John Hunt says Legatus members have great opportunities to learn their faith . . .

John Hunt

John Hunt

The Legatus experience is a very personal matter. The chapter event is a highlight of many members’ social life. Recitation of the rosary, Mass, and an evening with executives and their spouses is most rewarding.

For others the experience is enhanced by the spiritual formation gained over years of chapter events, where they come to understand their faith through a compendium of speakers who present the breadth of Catholic social teaching, theology and civil discourse.

For others the Legatus experience includes the annual summits, pilgrimages and pro-life conferences, making their Legatus membership a priceless investment. Whatever experience you enjoy, you should know that your Board of Governors and the Legatus staff are constantly seeking ways to enhance that experience.

The Board recently met in special session to discuss the broad array of issues that affect your Legatus membership. Board members’ insights will be more fully developed by committees over the next few months. I’ll keep you posted on our progress.

Legatus’ public positions

I suspect that you are sometimes overwhelmed at the pace of modern life. News that impacts our faith is not always encouraging. I am often asked: “When will Legatus take a position on this matter or that?”

In response, I draw upon Legatus’ mission statement. Legatus seeks to help its members “study, live and spread the faith in their business, professional and personal lives.”

What’s the mission really saying? Membership in Legatus affords its members the opportunity to learn our faith to a degree not readily available to most Catholics. This solid grounding in Catholic teaching (study) is a source of strength for our daily trials (living) and emboldens us to express ourselves to those around us (spreading).

Legatus helps form members to take positions and to act on them as leaders. We, the Catholic executives of Legatus, are to lead the marketplace and the culture. In so doing we are the fulfillment of the Legatus mission.

John Hunt is Legatus’ executive director and a member of the Chicago Chapter.


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