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Patrick Novecosky | author
Apr 01, 2009
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The fight for life

Science proves that human life begins at conception. Tell your elected officials . . .

Patrick Novecosky

Patrick Novecosky

Recent gaffes by RNC chairman Michael Steele and former Democratic President Bill Clinton have left a lot of pro-lifers (and others) scratching their heads. We are right to expect our elected officials to have all the facts — especially on the life issues — before making decisions and public statements that affect millions of lives.

In early March, Steele — reportedly a pro-life Catholic — told GQ magazine that his mother had the option of getting an abortion or giving birth to him. “The choice issue cuts two ways,” said Steele, who was adopted. “You can choose life, or you can choose abortion. You know, my mother chose life.” Asked whether he thought women had the right to choose abortion, Steele said, “Yeah. I mean, again, I think that’s an individual choice.”

The term “choice” has been used for decades by pro-abortion advocates to mislead and deceive. It seems Steele has bought it hook, line and sinker. It is never morally permissible to “choose” evil — especially to kill an innocent human being.

Similarly, Clinton told CNN medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta a few days later that embryos are not fertilized. Several times during the interview Clinton falsely indicated that embryos are not fertilized. “I believe the American people believe it’s a pro-life decision to use an embryo that’s frozen and never going to be fertilized for embryonic stem cell research,” he said.

The level of Clinton’s ignorance is staggering. Here is an educated man, the country’s former CEO, but he cannot distinguish between an embryo and an egg.

We must demand better from our elected officials. Dr. Jack Willke has dispensed some very simple, practical advice over the years, but this gem is among the best: Science proves beyond a doubt that human life begins at conception, and taking an innocent human life is never morally permissible. If pro-lifers hammer home those points, we will win over those who logically can accept the pro-life argument.

However, logic and facts won’t win over everyone. We can never forget that we’re in a spiritual battle. Saint Paul wrote to Timothy that “the time will come when people will not tolerate sound doctrine but, following their own desires and insatiable curiosity, will accumulate teachers and will stop listening to the truth” (2 Tim 4: 3-4).

There’s little doubt we’re living in the day Paul describes. We can also never forget that our enemy is not the abortionist, the pro-abortion politician, the right-to-die advocate or the radical feminist. As Paul reminds us, “our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with … the evil spirits in the heavens” (Eph 6:12). The only way to overcome that kind of evil is through prayer and fasting. Let’s finish Lent strong and make a difference so that the most vulnerable may live.

Patrick Novecosky is the editor of Legatus Magazine.


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