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Patrick Novecosky | Review
Oct 01, 2008
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The Anti-Alzheimer’s prescription

A Legatus member, Fortanasce is one of the world’s top Alzheimer’s experts . . .

anti-alzheimersThe anti-Alzheimer’s prescription: The science-proven plan to start at any age
Gotham, 2008. 352 pages, $26.00 hardcover

Alzheimer’s is rampant among older adults worldwide, and as baby boomers age, it promises to be the Great American Epidemic of the 21st century. Unlike other books in the category (which primarily focus on caring for an Alzheimer’s patient after diagnosis), this book presents a program to lower your risk by 70%. While science stumbles in finding a cure, physicians agree on one treatment: prevention. Making proper lifestyle choices can keep you healthy.

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