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Thomas Monaghan | author
May 01, 2012
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Taking a stand

Pornography is a terrible blight on our nation and a horror for men and women alike . . .

Thomas Monaghan

Most mornings, as a part of my normal routine, I stop by a small “party store” after Mass to buy a newspaper. The other day when I went to get my paper, I noticed that they had added a porn magazine to their other offerings. I mentioned to the person working there that I was disappointed to see them add this. As a result, I have not been back since; there are certainly other places I can get a newspaper.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that pornography “offends against chastity because it perverts the conjugal act, the intimate giving of spouses to each other. It does grave injury to the dignity of its participants (actors, vendors, the public), since each one becomes an object of base pleasure and illicit profit for others.

“It immerses all who are involved in the illusion of a fantasy world. It is a grave offense. Civil authorities should prevent the production and distribution of pornographic materials” (CCC #2354).

As you know, pornography is a horrible poison that does a lot of damage to our society — harming marriages and families with its effects. In fact, statistics are showing that more and more people are becoming addicted to it as the industry grows — particularly through the Internet. Today, it’s estimated that the U.S. pornography industry brings in as much as $13 billion per year, destroying millions of lives in the process.

Now I know that if that one store along my route stops selling porn magazines, it would not make a big difference to the whole pornography problem.

However, if enough other people were to voice their objection, it would certainly help. This is just one more way for us Legates to have an impact for good by taking a stand in our everyday lives.

Maybe in a week or so I will stop back at that party store and see if that magazine is still there. If it’s gone, I will tell them I am glad — and they will have won back a customer. If it is still there, I will again tell them how disappointed I am, and it may be the last time I stop by.

Thomas Monaghan is Legatus’ founder and chairman. He is a member of Legatus’ Naples Chapter.


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