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The Miracle of Marcelino

This is a heartwarming remake of the 1955 classic about a boy raised by monks . . .

The Miracle of Marcelino
Starring Jorge Lavat, Alejandro Tommasi
90 min, Rated G
In theaters now (limited release)

Marcelino, a remake of the 1955 classic, is a heartwarming tale of an orphan boy caught in the midst of Mexico’s revolution. The story begins as the friars of a poor war-ravaged monastery find an infant abandoned on their doorstep. Having no other options, they decide to raise him in the monastery.

The child grows into a rambunctious boy, fond of playing jokes on the friars with his best friend, Eleuterio. Marcelino yearns for a mother as he observes the deep bond Eleuterio shares with his mother.

The boy’s curiosity leads him to the monastery’s attic — the one place he was warned never to go. While there, he is drawn to a statue with a face so full of love that he is compelled to visit it often. Marcelino is too young to realize that it’s a statue of Jesus. And through the innocent faith of this child, an unexpected miracle occurs. Spanish with English subtitles.

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