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Lino Rulli’s new book humorously encourages sanctity for all who follow Christ . . .

Lino Rulli
Servant, 2013
256 pages, $19.99 paperback

The Catholic Channel’s “Catholic Guy” is back. His new book, subtitled Why I Should Be Canonized Right Away, picks up where his first book Sinner left off by pointing the way to our end goal: holiness and sainthood.

Both entertaining and inspiring, Saint focuses on God’s grace in the radio personality’s own life and shows how sinners can look forward to becoming saints. “This is a book to encourage you in your own triumphs, to realize you might not be as big a sinner as you think,” Rulli said, “and that with God’s help, you might just become a saint.”

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The Catholics Next Door

Sirius-XM radio hosts’ new book deals with hectic, day-to-day parenting . . .

The Catholics Next Door
St. Anthony Messenger, 2012
160 pages, $16.99 paperback

Getting kids to focus on God instead of their iPods these days takes nothing less than supernatural intervention. Following the Lord might make you look weird to your neighbors, but the Willitses — who host The Catholics Next Door on Sirius XM’s The Catholic Channel — stay the course.

They share their energetic, humorous, and imperfect attempts to live out their faith. Covering the gamut of daily life, from kids and comic books to marriage and technology, they show that striving to be good Catholics is a lifelong adventure.

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