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The Catholic Advantage

BILL DONOHUE extolls the significant benefits of being a faithful Catholic today . . .

DonohueThe Catholic Advantage 
Bill Donohue
Image Books, 2015
304 pages, $24 hardcover

With a subtitle like Why Health, Happiness, and Heaven Await the Faithful, you can be sure Donohue will take some heat for extolling the benefits of Catholicism. But his well-reasoned and well-researched arguments are convincing. He shows that Catholicism will not only make you healthy and happy, but it will ultimately lead you to heaven, too.

He shows how the application of beliefs, bonds and boundaries lead to a bountiful life, while the atheism, narcissism, and hedonism of secular intellectuals and celebrity culture pave the path to misery. Donohue will win over fans and skeptics alike with this book.

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