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Bad Shepherds: The Dark Years in Which the Faithful Thrived While Bishops Did the Devil’s Work

Rod Bennett
Sophia Institute Press, 147 pages


As the astute observer will rightly surmise, Bad Shepherds is a book about bad bishops, just not the ones you might read about in today’s headlines. Rather, author Rod Bennett is reminding us that the Catholic Church has had corrupt and sinful leaders in its ranks since apostolic times — and the Faith has survived in spite of them. Should we ever become concerned the Church might collapse, we ought to consider the grave infighting and bitter divisions over the 4th-century Arian heresy, the bewilderingly scandalous popes of the 14th century, or the Catholic apostates behind the 16thcentury Reformation. This book lends hope through our present days.


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How to Think Like Aquinas: The Sure Way to Perfect Your Mental Powers

Kevin Vost
Sophia Institute Press, 256 pages


Do you want to think like St. Thomas Aquinas, one of the greatest minds in Catholic history? His Summa Theologica runs over 3,000 pages in one popular edition, and even a freely paraphrased abridged version takes up over 500 pages. A wonderful shortcut is a letter the 13th century philosopher is credited with having written to a young monk on “How to Study.” Author Kevin Vost walks you through that letter and what it reveals about how to think, dissect arguments, and — yes — study and learn. Who knows? It might even give you the confidence to tackle the full Summa!


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