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The Abolition of Woman: How Radical Feminism Is Betraying Women

Florella Nash
Ignatius Press, 234 pages


“When a movement becomes so ideologically committed to promoting abortion that it bullies and silences any woman who challenges the status quo and ignores or actively colludes in the abuse of women through abortion, it needs to be called to account,” Florella Nash said in a recent interview. Calling mainstream feminists to account is what she does here in arguing that “prolife” and “feminist” are not contradictory terms but rather are perfectly compatible, since as she noted in the same interview – “no movement that truly believes in justice and equality seeks to achieve those goals through the sacrifice of innocent lives.”


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Of cowboys, infertility and deeper moral questions

Most people still remember the story of Nadya Suleman, dubbed “Octomom,” a single woman who used in vitro fertilization to become pregnant with eight babies simultaneously. Suleman had asked her fertility specialist, Dr. Michael Kamrava, to implant at least a dozen embryos into her uterus, leading to the birth of the famous octuplets in 2009. Dr. Kamrava’s medical license was later revoked by the California Medical Board. In commenting on the case, Judith Alvarado, deputy attorney general in California, concluded that Dr. Kamrava had acted “like a cowboy” in ignoring fertility industry guidelines.

When it comes to the “wild west” of infertility — a field of medicine with little oversight and unbridled profit margins — there are a lot of cowboys out there.

Recently there was the case of Kelli Rowlette who, after having her own DNA analyzed in 2017 through a genealogy website, shockingly discovered her biological father was a fertility specialist who had once treated her mother. Without her mother’s knowledge or consent, the specialist had used his own sperm to impregnate her, while falsely claiming he was using a mixture of sperm from her husband (who had low sperm count) and another donor, supposedly an anonymous university student with features similar to her husband.

Another notorious episode involved Dr. Cecil Jacobson of Fairfax County, Virginia. He was accused of a “purposeful pattern of deceit” during the 1980’s when he fathered up to 75 children using his own sperm for artificial insemination with his female patients. He was eventually sentenced to five years in prison and had his medical license revoked.

There was also the troubling incident involving Doctors Ricardo Asch, Jose Bulmaceda and Sergio Stone, three fertility specialists and faculty members at the University of California at Irvine who ran a campus fertility clinic during the 1990s. They were accused of fertilizing eggs they had harvested from women and implanting the resulting embryos into unrelated women, and selling some of the embryos to scientists and researchers. Dozens of women and couples filed lawsuits against the doctors and the university.

One reason these deceptive practices by fertility specialists are so offensive is that we realize how the procreation of our own children is meant to involve a strict exclusivity between husband and wife. Whenever we violate that exclusivity by hiring outsiders to produce our offspring in clinics, or engage strangers to provide their sex cells for these procedures, unthinkable outcomes become possible.

The plethora of these cases also reminds us that many of the approaches to human procreation being promoted by the fertility industry are not only cavalier, but unethical at their core. We are witnessing an unprecedented burgeoning of laboratory techniques for manufacturing human life, many of which are deeply antagonistic to human dignity and contrary to the parental obligations assumed by spouses when they marry.

The natural exclusivity intended in parenthood is meant to afford protection, security about our origins, and the safety of the home hearth. In the headlong rush to achieve a pregnancy at any price, many couples are allowing hawkish businessmen to manipulate their sex cells, create their children in glassware, store them in frozen orphanages, and even discard them like medical waste.

The tragic fallout of these decisions should reignite our natural moral sensibilities, and point us back in the direction of the Creator’s plan for human procreation. Our children are truly safeguarded in the dignity of their origins only when they are brought into the world through the marital embrace of husband and wife. Turning to the lawlessness of modern day fertility “cowboys,” meanwhile, is a quick study for violation and heartache.

REV. TADEUSZ PACHOLCZYK, PH.D. earned his doctorate in neuroscience from Yale and did post-doctoral work at Harvard. He is a priest of the diocese of Fall River, MA, and serves as the director of education at The National Catholic Bioethics Center in Philadelphia. See www.ncbcenter.org

Midterm passive-voter motivation can stunt abortion

The 2018 U.S. Senate midterm election is the most important election for the pro-life movement since Roe v. Wade. Forty-five years’ worth of toil, hope, and prayer comes down to this moment.

Marjorie Dannenfelser

By Election Day, three United States Supreme Court justices will be at least 80 years old. Speculation abounds that Justice Anthony Kennedy might soon retire. With state legislatures having passed several hundred pro-life laws in recent years, there is a strong likelihood that the case that finally brings down the Roe regime, with its staggering toll of over 60 million lives, is in its formative stage now. Twenty states have banned late-term abortion after five months of pregnancy based on the unborn child’s capacity to feel pain; Mississippi has banned abortion after 15 weeks; a flurry of bills would end lethal discrimination against babies with Down syndrome; among many developments.

Providential guidance and hard work have brought us to the remarkable point of having a pro-life president who has promised to nominate only pro-life Supreme Court justices, a promise kept with the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch. President Trump may have the rare chance to tip the balance of the court.

The rub is that President Trump can nominate the country’s most brilliant jurists, but the Senate still has to approve them. There is currently a slim Republican majority in the Senate, but not a solid pro-life majority. Time after time, abortion extremists have attacked exceptionally qualified nominees for their faith and principles, and the battles will only intensify in the future.

SBA List has long foreseen this fight and our strategy is in place. Historically, the president’s party suffers in midterm elections. When voter turnout is low, victory often belongs to those who simply show up – so we created the largest, most effective pro-life grassroots team in the country and have spent months laying the groundwork for that victory.

We began our field operation last summer with canvassers visiting homes in the battleground states of Ohio, Florida, Indiana, and Missouri. We are poised to expand into four additional states with vulnerable pro-abortion senators to meet an ambitious goal of visiting two million homes before November. We are well on our way, having visited 700,000 homes already.

SBA List is uniquely focused on locating and motivating low-turnout pro-life voters, those who are prone to skipping an election but are motivated by the life issue. This is a nonpartisan project. We find pro-life Democrats, Independents, and Hispanics who are receptive to our message and can be persuaded to vote for pro-life candidates, then we encourage them to get out to the polls.

We preach to the choir – and it works. Like most Americans, the voters we target are with us on the issues: they overwhelmingly oppose late-term abortion, taxpayer-funded abortion, and the radical pro-abortion agenda. However, they are not voting. They may not realize how critical this election is to the future of unborn children or how extreme their senator’s record is, especially when politicians obfuscate and misrepresent their stance. By delivering this message personally at their homes, we increase voter turnout by 6.6 percent on average.

In so doing, we are going head-to-head with America’s largest abortion business, Planned Parenthood, and their allies, who have announced plans to spend $30 million on the midterm elections. The stakes have never been higher.

An opportunity like this for the pro-life movement truly comes once in a lifetime. We must seize it with all our hearts. With God’s grace and pro-life Americans’ prayerful support, together we can reclaim the Senate and the courts, protect unborn children and their mothers, and end one of the greatest injustices in human history.

MARJORIE DANNENFELSER is president of the national pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List. SBA List’s mission is to end abortion by electing leaders and advocating for laws that save lives, with a special calling to promote pro-life women leaders. She is also a Legate of the Northern Virginia Chapter.


Starring Rusty Joiner, Jocelyn Cruz
Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 107 minutes
In theaters Oct. 7

Let’s Face it. The problem with most pro-life and Christian films is that they don’t pack a punch. They’re poorly acted, poorly written with dime-store budgets. They just lack the smack.
Then there are the exceptions. Voiceless hits home like few faith-based films. You’ve probably noticed the insertion of a few sports adjectives here. Stay with me. The film stars Rusty Joiner (Dodgeball, Melrose Place) as Jesse Dean, a recently discharged soldier who had a rough upbringing, but later became a devout Christian.

He and his wife move to Philadelphia so he can take a new job as an outreach leader at an old church with declining membership. Just as he begins to connect with the community — even opening a boxing program at the church hall — he discovers there’s an abortion mill directly across the street from the church.

Jesse goes to the pastor and several others in the church for help, but to no avail. Then tragedy strikes. A woman he’d met outside the abortion mill commits suicide. At the funeral, the girl’s family comes down on him because he had advised her against the abortion.

Despite his best efforts to aid the abortion-minded women he sees across the street every day, church members and his wife urge Jesse to just ignore the problem. He is left with a choice: take the easy way out and back off or face a major confrontation, requiring him to put everything on the line.

The film — from executive producer Jason Jones (Bella), an At Large Legatus member —encourages individuals and church communities to stand up for the lives of the unborn and abortion-minded women, particularly as it pertains to defending every single human life.

PATRICK NOVECOSKY is Legatus magazine’s editor-in-chief.