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Mission Driven

Each of us has a mission in life: to get to heaven and take as many with us as possible. Beyond that mission, everything else is ancillary. Because we are human, we get caught up in “life” and lose our true north. To get back to that true north, we take time away, or “retreat.” “Retreat” takes many forms in our lives – perhaps it’s daily Mass, or our Sunday obligation of Mass, or annual spiritual exercises; even for some, and I hope this number is growing, it’s your monthly chapter event.

Stephen Henley

Especially during the busiest shopping season of the year, and then the fallout on our bank accounts, we can get wrapped up in the hustle and lose sight of our mission. By the time you see this column, it will be February, and perhaps a good time for you to revisit your annual resolutions. I encourage you to adopt what our founder and CEO has dubbed Tres Magna or the Big Three. Tres Magna constitutes going to Mass daily, praying the rosary daily, and receiving the sacrament of Reconciliation monthly.

Let us remember that our mission in Legatus is the same as it should be in our personal lives: to get to heaven and take as many people as possible. To that end, Mr. Monaghan established Tres Magna to again blend our Legatus mission with our personal mission. Legatus has created a certificate for those members who pledge to commit to Tres Magna, to serve as a reminder of that commitment. Place this certificate in a prominent place in your home, so it will remind you that with many other Legatus members and Catholics around the world, we are united in Tres Magna. You are not alone on your mission.

Mission Drift is a plague we all contend with in our companies. I recently read an article on Mission Drift which restated Harvard’s original mission was to “prepare ministers of upright character.” I think we can conclude this is not their mission any more. Conversely, our own organization, from its start on May 7, 1987, set its mission: Legatus’ mission has and continues to be to “study, live, and spread the Catholic Faith in our personal, business, and professional lives.” Simply put: find our way to heaven and take as many people as possible.

By now you will have seen several marketing pieces we’ve used to highlight and remind our members of our mission. Everything Legatus does – through local chapter events, forums, cohorts, and the Legatus networks, to the national and international pilgrimages, as well as the pinnacle summits – are all for enabling our members to fulfill this mission. These are ways for you to enhance your faith and community with fellow members to “study, live and spread your Faith.”

For more information on Tres Magna, refer to the January 2019 Chairman Column of the magazine found on Legatus.org. To download the certificate and take the pledge, log into Legatus.org, click the resources tab, chapter resources, and download Tres Magna. Or simply notify your chapter administrator.

STEPHEN M. HENLEY is Legatus’ executive director.