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Living the faith

During my brief tenure as your executive director, many of my friends have asked me what has impressed me the most about Legatus.

You may recall that Kathie and I have been members of the Chicago Chapter for over 15 years and should certainly be familiar with Legatus and its mission. But our visits to chapters around the country have confirmed something we have known all along: Legatus members are faith-filled, generous, competent, busy people who manage to find time to serve the Church, their families and society in a myriad of ways.

Why do I mention this? In my last article, I began a discussion of the Legatus mission and its relevance to the world. The fact that Legatus members “study, live and spread the faith in their personal, business and professional lives” is more than a noble aspiration. As we have observed, it is truly a mission – not simply “the Legatus mission,” but a mission given to us by Jesus Christ. Can we do less than fulfill our proper role in service to mankind?

One might say that there is such a thing as a dead faith, a faith without works. It’s found wherever one’s life is separated from one’s belief. Certainly this is not the case with the Legatus members I have come to know. In seeking to live a firm faith, they often find that they go beyond their abilities and ultimately gain a deeper understanding of their capabilities and responsibilities. In doing so, without realizing it, they are spreading the faith to others by their example and work ethic.

My sense is that Legatus members understand the daily opportunities that are theirs to live out their faith in ways that are unique to leaders in business and society. They know that fulfillment of one’s faith for the good of all is not implicit in one’s talents, successes achieved or acclaim received.

This was made clearer to me as I spent time with Legatus members at the recent Fall Summit in Seattle. Over coffee or lunch, I learned of the myriad good works so many are fostering in their dioceses, parishes, communities and, yes, in their families.

I am humbled by these good people, Legatus members who are truly embodying the Legatus mission to “live the faith.” It has indeed been a privilege to come to know more such individuals as I have visited chapters across the country.