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Models of fidelity

Legatus is proud to recognize annually a number of outstanding Catholic leaders . . .

John J. Hunt

Legatus is admired for its dedication to fostering the faith among Catholic executives and their spouses — and for the impact members have on their parishes and communities. As a result, Legates take pride in their membership and at the same time represent the best of Catholic ethical and moral conduct.

Legatus’ recognition of outstanding service to society and the Church is embodied in the awards it presents annually to worthy individuals. During the course of the year, I have presented some of these awards personally. The recipients’ dedication to Christ and his Church is both humbling and inspiring for all of us.

For example, Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence, R.I., recently received our Defender of the Faith Award. In his firm and private style, Bishop Tobin acted as a true shepherd, defending the sacredness of Our Lord in the Eucharist by advising a pro-abortion Congressman not to present himself for Communion. In so doing, the bishop lived out his episcopal motto: Strong, Loving, Wise.

Legatus recently acknowledged another example of generosity and service by honoring L.H. and Dianne Bayley, members of Legatus’ Indianapolis Chapter, with the Bowie Kuhn Special Award for Evangelization. The Bayleys’ extraordinary philanthropic generosity is matched only by their mentoring of others to do likewise — and to serve the Church, the Indianapolis community and society.

The pressure to conform to our morally relativistic culture is great — especially at the highest levels of government. That’s what makes Mary Ann Glendon so special. The former U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican received Legatus’ Courage in the Marketplace Award for defending the Church’s teachings on the sacredness of human life by declining Notre Dame University’s Laetare medal at the university’s 2009 commencement at which President Obama received an honorary degree.

Legatus is proud to recognize these honorees’ fidelity. Their strength of character and depth of faith are examples that all Legates would do well to emulate.

John Hunt is Legatus’ executive director. He and his wife Kathie are members of Legatus’ Chicago Chapter.