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Immigration and the Next America

Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gómez writes that immigration is the test of our generation . . .

gomezImmigration and the Next America
Archbishop Jose Gómez
Our Sunday Visitor, 2013
128 pages, $11.95 paperback

Archbishop Gómez has written a personal, passionate and practical contribution to the immigration debate, calling for a recovery of America’s highest ideals. Subtitled Renewing the Soul of Our Nation, he writes that immigration is a human rights test of our generation and a defining historical moment for America.

The archbishop’s passion for the dignity of every person — particularly the migrant — comes through loud and clear. Unfortunately, he barely addresses pressing issues like border security; e-verify; the cynical and corrupt Mexican government; and most notably, the economic, political, and cultural impact of large-scale immigration. These issues would be fitting material for his next book on this subject.

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