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The Power of Daily Mass

GhezziThe Power of Daily Mass
Bert Ghezzi
Ave Maria Press, 2015
128 pages, $14.95 paperback

Like many of his fellow Legates, founder Tom Monaghan attends daily Mass. He’s encouraged countless thousands to do the same. This new book subtitled How Frequent Participation in the Eucharist Can Transform Your Life encourages Catholics to grow closer to Jesus and receive Christ’s power for daily Christian living through the Eucharist, the greatest of all devotions.

Ghezzi shows how frequent participation in the Mass offers participants courage and hope to face everyday challenges, provides direction and encouragement through the scriptures, allows time to reflect and talk to the Lord, and is an opportunity to intercede for family and friends.

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Adventures in Daily Prayer

Ghezzi offers a winsome invitation to experience the promise and power of daily prayer . . .

Adventures in Daily Prayer
Brazos Press, 2010. 160 pages, $17.99 hardcover

Legatus Magazine‘s newest correspondent, Ghezzi shares his adventures in prayer and offers a winsome invitation to experience the promise and power of this practice. He shows how faithfulness to daily prayer rewards us with unlimited blessings.

He covers how to pray, praying for and with others, and persevering in prayer. For those who have struggled with cultivating a strong prayer life, Ghezzi provides practical help for overcoming obstacles. Helpful questions for reflection and group discussion conclude each chapter.

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