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Brian Fraga | author
Mar 01, 2018
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St. Joseph (Early 1st Century AD)

Patron of a good death, fathers, families, and workers
Feast Day: March 19
Canonization: Pre-Congregation

Though not quoted once in Scripture, St. Joseph’s example as recorded in the New Testament reveals a just man who had the humility to take the Blessed Virgin Mary as his wife and to become the foster father of Jesus Christ.

The Gospel of Matthew says Joseph was a “tekton,” translated as a craftsman who worked with wood, stone, and metal. As was customary, Joseph would have taught his trade to the young Jesus.

The New Testament indicates Joseph was betrothed to Mary when she, through the Holy Spirit, became pregnant with Christ. Under Torah law, Joseph could have had Mary stoned to death for infidelity. Instead he planned to divorce her quietly, but decided against it when the Angel of the Lord told him in a dream not to fear taking Mary as his wife, and her baby as his own.

Joseph, faithful husband and father, protected his family on their journey to Bethlehem, and then when they took asylum in Egypt. Tradition says Joseph died before Christ’s public ministry. He is the patron of a good death, as well as of fathers, families, and workers in general.



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