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Brian Fraga | author
Dec 01, 2018
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St. Ambrose Of Milan (340AD-397AD)

Feast Day: December 7
Canonization: Pre-congregation
Patron of milan, bishops, beekeepers, and learning.

In a time when the Arian heresy was rampant in the Roman world, St. Ambrose of Milan rose up to defend Catholic truth. 

“If you demand my person, I am ready to submit: carry me to prison or to death, I will not resist; but I will never betray the church of Christ,” Ambrose said, in his successful resistance of imperial forces, which attempted confiscation of the Arians.

Born about 340 AD to a Roman Christian family, Ambrose was a governor before becoming bishop of Milan. He is one of the four original doctors of the Church.

Ambrose staunchly opposed Arianism, which denied Christ’s divinity. He faithfully refuted Arian errors, twice resisting commands to hand over Catholic churches and property.

His preaching helped convert St. Augustine of Hippo, who mentions Ambrose in his Confessions.

Ambrose died on April 4, 397 AD. His relics are kept in the church of St. Ambrogio in Milan.


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