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Stephen Henley | author
Feb 01, 2018
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The start of the year typically focuses on resolutions and bettering oneself. For Catholics, resolving to do and be better is a process that we face often. There are many in the Church that we can turn to for assistance or advice on making ourselves the best version possible. I recall a few years ago Pope Francis gave us a list of New Years’ resolutions, which are consistent with his most popular teachings. It is never too late to start resolutions, and with Lent just around the corner, the time for resolve is imminent. The Holy Father has suggested the following:

Stephen Henley

• Don’t gossip
• Finish your meals
• Make time for others
• Choose the “more humble” purchase
• Meet the poor in the flesh
• Stop judging others
• Befriend those who disagree
• Make commitments, such as marriage
• Make it a habit to “ask the Lord”
• Be happy

These little things that Pope Francis suggests lead to bigger goals and successes in our personal lives. And as we move forward to another year, we look back to see where our successes lie, so we can build from them. For Legatus, we look back to see year-end membership grew to 2,740 (5,270 with spouses). We chartered chapters in Bucks County, PA.; Downtown Chicago, IL.; and Louisville, KY. With a 3.5% net growth, the organization added 441 new members. We have developments in the works in Greenville, SC; Tulsa, OK; Bismark, ND; Silicon Valley, CA; and North Georgia.

As you read this edition of Legatus magazine, hundreds of members will have gathered in Orlando for the 2018 Legatus Summit. A highlight is the presentation of our awards for outstanding service.

Ambassador of the Year Award: John DiSanto, charter member of the Harrisburg Chapter, has been the consummate example of sharing Legatus — both in his personal and professional life. John’s witness as a state senator in his faith and his pro-life principles, coupled with his support for Bishop Ronald Gainer, is an example that all Legates should emulate.

Bowie Kuhn Special Award for Evangelization: Michael Warsaw, charter member of the Washington, D.C. Chapter, is the epitome of what it means to spread the good news of Jesus Christ, quite literally. As chairman and CEO of EWTN, and now consultor to the Vatican’s Secretariat for Communication, Michael’s noteworthy dedication to the mission and ideals of Legatus are evident.

John J. O’Connor Defender of the Faith Award: Bishop David Zubik, Ordinary of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, is well deserving of this award and the name that it represents. In 2016, Bishop Zubik was the lead plaintiff suing the U.S. government along with dozens of other religiously affiliated organizations regarding the contraceptive mandate that was imposed on healthcare providers. Bishop Zubik has been on the front lines with this issue since 2013, working to defend our religious liberties and preserve our principles.

Read all about the Summit and our outstanding award winners in the March issue of Legatus magazine. Our prayers are with you for a successful personal and professional year ahead!

STEPHEN HENLEY is Legatus’ executive director.


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