How Much Does The Pope Make?

Pope Francis is the leader of one of the largest organizations on Earth. In many capacities, his duties are like those of a CEO--decision making, appointments, management, and more. But does the Pope get paid for his service? If so, how much does he make?

While a CEO of an organization of a similar size could expect to make a salary of multiple millions of dollars annually, the Pope does not in fact receive a salary - at least not while he’s still alive. Traditionally, Popes earn 3 coins per year: one gold, one silver, and one copper. Upon their death, 3 bags are placed in their coffins containing the coins accumulated in their papacy.

While a parish priest earns around $25,000-$35,000, and Cardinals are entitled to the “Cardinals' plate" (today set at 5,000 euros per month, which is designed to pay their living expenses), the Pope's living expenses (such as food, travel, housing in Santa Marta, etc.) are handled out of Curia funds. In the unique case of Pope Emeritus Benedict who lives in retirement, he is given a monthly stipend of $2,500 Euros.

Even though the Pope and clergy have enormous responsibilities like a CEO or business owner, and do have living costs to cover, their goal is not financial wealth, but God’s work instead. 

In this same way, members of Legatus, even though they are business professionals who do earn wages commensurate with their positions, their ultimate goals is not profits, but to use their position to learn, live and spread the Catholic Faith. Members of Legatus seek to be ambassadors of Christ in the marketplace.

If you are a successful business person who agrees with the message of the Church regarding the responsibilities of the wealthy and who wishes to serve God and the Church, both personally and professionally, then you are the type of person who should be a member of Legatus. With over 4,000 members, Legatus is the world's premier membership organization for Catholic business leaders committed to learn, live and spread the Catholic Faith. 

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