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Patrick Novecosky | author
Aug 19, 2015
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NCR features award-winning Legate

Kathleen Bravo-Eaton

Kathleen Bravo-Eaton

In the wake of the Planned Parenthood scandal, the National Catholic Register spoke to Kathleen Bravo-Eaton, a member of Legatus’ Orange Coast Chapter. Bravo-Eaton, a winner of Legatus’ Cardinal John O’Connor Pro-Life Award, operates Obria Medical Clinics, fully licensed community care clinics.

TAMPA, Fla. — Ana Hidalgo Stooks remembers the day when she looked into another mother’s eyes and realized she made the right call to expand her pregnancy-resource center and offer women the comprehensive, life-affirming services they are not getting at Planned Parenthood. Read More.


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