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John Hunt | author
Jan 15, 2015
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Media Statement on 2015 Annual Legatus Summit

Media Statement on 2015 Annual Legatus Summit from Executive Director John Hunt. . .

Legatus (Latin for ambassador) is a faith-based organization for business leaders and their spouses.  Its mission is to integrate the three key areas of a Catholic business leader’s life – faith, family and business – connecting two powerful realities, the challenges of top-tier business leadership and the Catholic faith. Since 1987, Legatus has been bringing together Catholic business leaders and their spouses for monthly chapter meetings and various national gatherings.

Legatus embraces all that the Catholic Church teaches – nothing more, nothing less. Of course, at the core of all that the Church teaches is Christ’s unconditional love for every man and woman. While the Church has and always will teach about the morality of certain behaviors, these teachings are always to be understood in the context of the value of and respect for every human person.

Church teachings on same-sex attractions are not intended to marginalize the individuals who experience them. On the contrary, the Church wants to reach out to these individuals — as well as all who will enter into dialogue about its teachings — and help them to understand why the Church teaches what it does.

Each year Legatus hosts a National Summit at which the attendees enjoy engaging speakers, inspiring liturgies, and the camaraderie of their peers in the Catholic business community. This annual event is a critical component of the organization’s mission to assist its members as they study, live and spread the Catholic faith in their business, professional and personal lives.

Unfortunately, three of the scheduled speakers for the 2015 Summit have opted not to participate. A Fox News spokesperson has been quoted as saying that Bret Baier has withdrawn “due to the controversy surrounding some editorial stances in the organization’s magazine.” In addition, Peter Coors and Gary Sinise have also canceled, citing similar reasons.

We have great respect for Bret Baier, Peter Coors, and Gary Sinise and regret that our members will not have the opportunity to hear about all the good work they are doing.

As an organization, we try to assist our members in understanding the issues currently facing our society, and the Church’s teachings on these relevant matters. As a result, our members can grow in their understanding of their faith, which then benefits them in every area of their lives.

LGBT groups should not feel threatened by our organization, whose mission is to study, live and spread our faith according to the teachings of the Catholic Church. At its core, this issue is about the freedom of Legatus members — in fact all Catholics, and by extension people of any religion — to have the freedom to exercise their religious beliefs, which includes the ability to gather together and discuss their faith.

John Hunt, Executive Director




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