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John Hunt | author
Sep 01, 2015
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Marriage: Legates must fight the good fight

I never cease to be amazed at the wisdom of our nation’s founders — at their reliance upon God as they cobbled together a Declaration of Independence and Constitution unlike any other in the history of mankind.

John Hunt

John Hunt

They left us a legacy for the ages: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Those gifts are our inheritance … but only if we preserve them. There are forces that would eviscerate our national heritage: Supreme Court decisions that impugn the sacrament of Marriage and forces that deny the existence of innocent life and demean the value of the elderly and the infirm. This generation must answer for these scourges.

In pondering these massive challenges to our faith and our nation, I ask: “Why now?,” and if now, “why me?” And the Lord’s response to all of us is clear: “Why not you?”

Legates are responding in great numbers to the urgent crisis of marriage and family in our nation. They understand the role they can play in securing the integrity of marriage, both now and into the future.

Don’t believe that marriage is under attack? A recent Chicago Tribune column noted with some glee that 20 countries — from Belgium and Canada to Spain and Ireland — hold two things in common: all have legalized same-sex partnerships and all have more adherents to Catholicism than any other religious group. The implication here is that the Catholic Church should “fall into line” with the prevailing culture. Sure, why not? Let’s all just “get along.”

While driving through the beautiful Midwest last month, I listened to talk radio’s most prominent personality. In a monologue on the same sex “marriage” issue, he noted that the secularist attack is focused directly and deliberately on the Catholic Church.

The challenge to defend this irreplaceable sacrament is daunting, but it’s our duty — hierarchy, clergy and laity — to fulfill our roles in the culture war.

I for one am emboldened by the challenges we face. I believe I speak for all Legates in assuring our shepherds that we leaders in the Catholic business community will carry the Church’s message into the marketplace and the public square so long as the conflict wages and until, as we have been assured, Jesus Christ and His Church prevail.

JOHN HUNT is Legatus’ executive director. He and his wife Kathie are charter members of Legatus’ Chicago Chapter.


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