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Matthew A. Rarey | author
Jun 24, 2013
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Legatus wins three international press awards

Legatus’ monthly membership magazine wins at annual media conference in Denver . . . 

DENVER, Colo. — Legatus’ monthly membership magazine picked up three international press awards on June 21.

Legatus’ award-winning cover from June 2012

At its annual convention, the Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada presented Legatus magazine with a second-place award for best cover design. The June 2012 cover (at right) for The Crisis of Fatherhood was the winner. Judges said, “The picture is what works here in combination with the cover blurb. The head pointing down draws the reader’s eye to the blurb. The strong horizontal of the blurb repeats the arms crossing the child’s legs. Sadness and despair cries out in the body language.”

The CPA presented Legatus with a third-place award for Best Analysis Writing. “Death in Massachusetts” by Sabrina Arena Ferrisi, published in October 2012, received the honor. Judges wrote: “Nice use of a personal story to hook readers while following it up with clear, detailed prose that lays out the political scene in a no nonsense way.”

The magazine also picked up an honorable mention for Best Coverage of Religious Liberty Issues. This category called for three articles. Winning submissions included “Freedom Fighter” by Sabrina, Arena Ferrisi (Dec 2012), “What Matters Most” by Patrick Novecosky (Nov 2012), and “Defending Liberty” by Judy Roberts (Nov 2012). Judges remarked, “Perhaps the perfect voice to discuss religious liberty today. Clear writing simplifies and elucidates, simultaneously.”

Legatus magazine has won 16 Catholic Press Association awards for graphic design, writing and its website since it gained CPA membership in 2005. Founded in 1911, the Catholic Press Association has over 600 member organizations. It reaches over 26 million people.



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