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John Hunt | author
Feb 01, 2016
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Legatus was founded for times like this

It’s clear that Legatus’ founding in 1987 was the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in a period of change in the Church and the culture following Vatican II. It was also a response to Pope St. John II’s call to the New Evangelization.

John Hunt

John Hunt

And the response of the Catholic business community over these past 28 years has been an example of executives embracing the scriptural passage: “Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more” (Lk 12:48).

This is not to suggest that our members would not have served their fellow man had they never been introduced to Legatus. But the Catholic business community continues to be drawn to Legatus and its mission as witnessed by the 2015 membership growth to heights previously unattained.

Year-end executive membership of 2,634 and a comparable number of spouse members is a 6.7% increase over the prior year’s high watermark. This endorsement of Legatus is particularly evident in the six new chapters that achieved charter status in 2015: Austin, Texas; Rockford, Ill.; Lake Charles, La.; Hartford, Conn.; Washington, D.C.; and St. Charles, Ill. As always, I encourage you to share your Legatus experience with your fellow parishioners and executive friends in order that any executive, anywhere in the U.S. who appreciates our mission, is given the opportunity to join.

As you read this edition of Legatus magazine, hundreds of members will have gathered in Orlando for the 2016 Legatus Summit. A highlight is the presentation of our awards for outstanding service.

Ambassador of the Year Award: Randy Hammond, formerly of the Denver Chapter and now a member in Phoenix, has been the consummate example of sharing Legatus — both in his personal and professional life. Randy’s Catholicism literally transforms his office environment.

Bowie Kuhn Special Award for Evangelization: Mike Heck of the St. Louis Chapter has been a source of hope and a strong example of Christian love to his peers both within Legatus and without.

Courage in the Marketplace Award: David Daleiden, founder of the Center for Medical Progress. In 2015, the Center’s videos exposed the truth about Planned Parenthood and prompted Congress to initiate its own investigation. Read all about the Summit and our outstanding award winners in the March issue of Legatus magazine.

JOHN HUNT is Legatus’ executive director. He and his wife Kathie are charter members of Legatus’ Chicago Chapter.


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