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Stephen Henley | author
Dec 01, 2017
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Legatus’ healthy benefits

Recently I received a call from a member inquiring about Healthnetwork Foundation. He wanted to know exactly what it was and how it benefited him as a member of Legatus. His phone call had been spurred by our annual Healthnetwork mailing to our membership.
Although he had received all of the information, he was still a little unclear about what exactly
it was. Our exchange made me realize that other members may have similar questions so I
wanted to take this opportunity to explain more about this valuable service.

Stephen Henley

Before I get into all of the details regarding Healthnetwork, first allow me to take a moment to summarize the many membership benefits of Legatus, of which Healthnetwork is just one piece.

• Access to 2,700 other qualifying Catholic executives across the country, with continued growth;
• Monthly subscription to Legatus magazine featuring topics pertinent to today’s top Catholic executives;
• Opportunities to grow in all aspects of one’s life by participating in small groups called “forums”;
• Spiritually uplifting pilgrimages with first-class accommodations and special access to holy sites;
• Phenomenal speakers at our chapter events, preceded by rosary, Confession, Mass and fellowship with like-minded peers;
• Access to our Annual Summit which, for those who have not yet attended, is like taking one of our first-class chapter events and putting it on steroids. While the Summit is by far our largest event of the year, we also offer many unique regional events such as the Northeast Gala taking place this month in New York City or the Great Lakes Officers Roundtable that occurred in October to discuss best practices;
• Lastly, what I would really like to focus on further: access to Healthnetwork Foundation.

Healthnetwork Foundation is a VIP concierge medical service with the mission of connecting you and your family to the best doctors and hospitals in the world. Legatus members can call Healthnetwork for unparalleled access to many of the most highly ranked hospitals in the U.S. and receive confidential assistance with things like an initial diagnosis, expert second opinions or chronic condition management.

In summary, if you or your family member becomes ill and needs access to the best doctors, Healthnetwork can schedule that appointment often within days or weeks and then be there to guide you through the process every step of the way. As you may know, the typical wait time to
see some of the country’s top doctors can often be several months, if you can get an appointment at all. Facing a serious medical issue is challenging enough without having to deal with lack of access to care when you need it most. And it’s at that crucial moment when Healthnetwork steps in. We have heard many stories of members who have utilized them and it literally saved their lives.

Healthnetwork Foundation is automatically included with your Legatus membership so there are no additional charges. For more information about this extremely valuable service, check out the Healthnetwork success story of our own Ambassador At-Large, John Hunt:

STEPHEN HENLEY is Legatus’ executive director. 


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