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Patrick Novecosky | Review
Jul 01, 2013
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Lectio Divina Bible Study (four books)

Author Stephen Binz’s series leads readers on a journey of enlightenment . . .

binzLectio Divina Bible Study (four books)
Stephen J. Binz
Our Sunday Visitor, 2012
128 pages, $9.95 paperback

In his 2010 exhortation Verbum Domini, Pope Benedict XVI encouraged the practice of lectio divina, an ancient form of meditation involving prayer, study and action. In an exceptional combination of scripture study with historical, theological, and biblical perspectives on the creed, Binz leads readers on a journey of enlightenment and appreciation.

Binz explores complex topics with sequential steps of study, meditation, and internalization. Specifically, every chapter leads readers through a sequence of license, understanding, reflecting, praying and acting. This remarkable four-book bible study is suitable for parish, small group, or individual use.

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