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Dr. Matthew Bunson | author
May 01, 2012
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Joseph Marello (1844-1895)

Bishop and founder of the Oblates of St. Joseph, an order committed to evangelization . . .

Joseph Marello

Feast Day: May 30
Canonized: November 25, 2001

Born in Turin, Italy, Giuseppe Marello entered the seminary at the age of 12. He suffered a bout of typhus in 1863, and vowed to complete his studies if he regained his health. He recuperated, attributing his physical recovery to Our Lady of Consolation.

Giuseppe completed his studies and was ordained on Sept. 19, 1868. He was made a secretary to Bishop Carlo Savio of Asti and accompanied his bishop to the First Vatican Council (1869-1870).

He was drawn to the life of the Carthusians, but his bishop discouraged his joining them. Instead, in 1878, Giuseppe founded the Oblates of St. Joseph, a religious community of priests and brothers designed to assist bishops and clergy in evangelization. In 1889, Giuseppe was consecrated the bishop of Asti. He worked untiringly there for the young and the abandoned, visited every parish in his diocese, and wrote six pastoral letters for the faithful. He died unexpectedly while taking part in the celebration of the third centennial of St. Philip Neri.

Blessed John Paul II said of him: “To take care of the interests of Jesus was his motto in life, and for this reason he wanted to imitate St. Joseph, the spouse of Mary, the custodian of the Redeemer. What strongly attracted him to St. Joseph was the life of hidden service, joined with deep interior life.”

This column is written for Legatus by Dr. Matthew Bunson, editor of “The Catholic Answer Magazine” and author of “John Paul II’s Book of Saints.”


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