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Thomas Monaghan | author
Oct 01, 2016
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John Hunt: An ambassador indeed

After successfully leading Legatus’ day-to-day operations for more than eight years, John Hunt has stepped down as executive director. John is not leaving Legatus, however, but has transitioned right into the newly created role of “ambassador at large” where he will continue to visit and support chapters. (See article) So, while I am grateful that we are not saying goodbye to John, I want to honor him for his faithful leadership.

Tom Monaghan

John’s service to Legatus started long before he assumed the role of executive director in 2008. Indeed, John and his ever-supportive wife Kathie were the founders of Legatus’ Chicago Chapter, which was chartered in June 1998. John was the inaugural president.

His passion for Legatus’ mission quickly got the board’s attention, leading to his initial nomination to the board of governors where he served from 1999-2005. He was our finance committee chairman. After being off the board for a term, we asked him back in January 2008. At this time, we were looking for a new executive director, and John was absolutely the right man for the job.

As he transitioned from board member to executive director, he seemed tailor-made for the position; he possessed both the people and organizational skills that Legatus needed during this stage in its development. Through John’s steady hand and confident leadership, he led Legatus not only to record growth in terms of new members, but also financial and organizational stability. We have an award-winning magazine, an impressive website, our forums have been expanded, the endowment is at an all-time high, and the organization is well respected across the country.

Personally, I am extremely grateful to John for his service. As I have worked closely with him on innumerable aspects of Legatus, one thing has always shown through — his dedication to and care for each and every person within Legatus and the Church. Whether it be a staff member, a longtime board member or someone who does not qualify for Legatus, John consistently strives to be Christ to whomever he interacts with. Is this not what each of us is called to do as ambassadors for Christ? Thank you, John!

In conclusion, I would be remiss if I did not recognize — and thank — John’s ever-faithful wife Kathie for her ongoing dedication and support of Legatus.

TOM MONAGHAN is Legatus’ founder and chairman.


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