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Thomas Monaghan | author
Dec 01, 2016
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The incredible power of the rosary

I’ve been reading a book called Champions of the Rosary by Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC, which I strongly recommend. There have obviously been many books written on the rosary over the years. However, it seems that many are older and they are often translations from the foreign original text, thus making them a bit of a tougher read.

Tom Monaghan

Father Calloway published his book earlier this year, and he writes in a very conversational manner. The book also has some very impressive endorsements, including Cardinal Christoph Schönborn and Archbishop Joseph Di Noia. In this book, Fr. Calloway touches on the historical, theological and devotional elements of the rosary and weaves them all together.

In a section of the book called the “Age of the Rosary,” he talks about a span of 125 years when there were eight major Marian apparitions approved by the Church — plus two official declarations of new Marian dogmas, finally ending with a Marian Year.

1830 Marian apparition: St. Catherine Labouré (Miraculous Medal)

1846 Marian apparition: Our Lady of La Salette

1854 Dogma of the Immaculate Conception proclaimed

1858 Marian apparition: Our Lady of Lourdes

1871 Marian apparition: Our Lady of Pontmain

1879 Marian apparition: Our Lady of Knock

1917 Marian apparition: Our Lady of Fatima

1932 Marian apparition: Our Lady of Beauraing

1933 Marian apparition: Our Lady of Banneux

1950 Dogma of the Assumption of Mary proclaimed

1954 Marian Year

He points out that almost all of the apparitions listed above have a rosary dimension to them.

How can any Catholic ignore this plea of Our Lady to pray the rosary daily? I understand that many Legates get to meetings late and miss the rosary and some the Mass. It strikes me that they are missing the most important part.

I am told the rosary has more spiritual benefits when it is prayed with others. Every month Legates have the opportunity to participate in three powerful things: rosary, Confession and Mass. Isn’t this worth getting to the beginning of the meeting?

TOM MONAGHAN is Legatus’ founder and chairman.


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