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Ron Hollowell | author
Oct 01, 2008
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Healthnetworks’s new partnership

Last spring, Legatus Cleveland Chapter member Adam Kaufman of Healthnetwork Foundation met with New Orleans Chapter founder Joseph Canizaro to discuss Legatus’s ability to continue funding and providing Healthnetwork as a vital member benefit.

In the end, Canizaro agreed to make a generous gift on behalf of all Legatus members to support the Legatus Healthnetwork initiative. Canizaro’s generosity and unbridled enthusiasm for Legatus Healthnetwork enables all members to have access to the best hospitals and physicians in the world through Healthnetwork. The new partnership is now Legatus Healthnetwork – Sponsored by First Bank and Trust.

What is it about Healthnetwork that inspired you to make such a generous donation?

I learned about Healthnetwork through Legatus. I didn’t know where the best doctors were and how I could get the best kind of care. I was interested in the fact that Healthnetwork could identify both the doctors I might need and the care that was available. So I am enthusiastic in making the donation because Legatus Healthnetwork solves the concern I have to provide good quality healthcare for me and my family.

Your philanthropic endeavors are legendary. Of all the requests you receive, how do you determine which to support?

I am big on my faith, so requests that come through my religion get my attention. I’m interested in young people. I’m interested in education. I try to support those areas. Legatus is an organization that relates to my faith in that it’s Catholic CEOs, and I have a high regard for the people that have been involved in this organization — from Tom Monaghan down.

How have you incorporated your faith into your business practices?

I’m sitting in my office and I have a crucifix in front of me, a picture of Jesus Christ on the wall next to my office and a picture of the Blessed Mother on another wall. I’ve brought my faith into my business life very directly. I look up every once in a while and say a little prayer. I shut down my office on holy days of obligation. I put a sign out front that says Religious Holiday. I try to recognize that what I have comes from God. I’m here to move it around a bit to help others and to be proud of what I am and what I believe.

Do you believe you have been spiritually guided in your ability to gain wealth and use it to help others?

No question about it. I get up and I see a miracle a day. I have a good friend who’s been running a project for me, and I had to bring somebody with a different kind of expertise to the table. My friend makes a big salary, and when I bring this other person in, I won’t be able to afford my friend’s same salary. I mentioned to him that we may need to cut back and we could talk about incentives where maybe he can make as much, but we can’t continue to do it on salary.

We were in a meeting and getting ready to leave, but we hadn’t talked yet. He closed the door and said, “Joe, the Governor’s called me and he wants me to be the housing czar for the Pacific/Gulf Coast. It won’t be full time, but I can cut my salary in half here, work part-time, and do that too.’ It was something that needed to happen. I didn’t know how to do it because he’s a good friend. He told me how to do it. As far as I’m concerned, that was a miracle.

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Ron Hollowell is Healthnetwork’s Director of Marketing.

Healthnetwork is a membership benefit, a healthcare “concierge service” that provides members and their families access to some of the most respected hospitals in the world. For information on how this can work for you, call (866) 968-2467 or (440) 893-0830. E-mail:


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