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Katie Hannibal | author
Dec 01, 2016
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Healthnetwork gives Orlando Legate a fighting chance

Joanne Brown and her husband Bill are founders of Legatus’ Orlando Chapter. Over the years, they heard many great stories of families who had been helped by Healthnetwork. They considered themselves an active and healthy couple and fortunately had not had an opportunity to work with Healthnetwork.


Katie Hannibal

Last fall, Joanne went for a routine medical test. A few days passed and the physician called, asking her to come back because he suspected cancer. He ordered a second test; this one came back “inconclusive.” The next recommendation was to see a specialist.

“I called a specialist in Orlando and the soonest appointment was six weeks out,” Joanne explained. “When you have the uncertainty of cancer, you want answers quickly so I called Healthnetwork for assistance at Mayo Clinic Florida. I spoke with medical coordinator Laura.”

The Browns have a cottage in Michigan where they stay during the summer. “I wanted the Mayo appointment before we left. I called every day, hoping they would have a cancellation, but I was getting nowhere and time was dwindling. Then I heard from Laura and the liaison at Mayo. I was all set for the Friday before we left.”

Joanne met with a physician at Mayo Clinic Florida. He did more testing and mentioned surgery could be a possible next step. While she was waiting, he came in and said they didn’t find cancer, and there would be no need for surgery. However, they wanted another test in six months.

Bill and Joanne Brown are founders of Legatus’ Orlando Chapter

Bill and Joanne Brown are founders of Legatus’ Orlando Chapter

Joanne’s next test came back positive for a very early stage cancer. Multiple biopsies were taken and only one came back positive. She was scheduled for surgery at Mayo to remove the cancer cells. After the surgery, she didn’t hear from the surgeon immediately, so she thought she was home free. A month later, she received a call. The surgeon presented her case before Mayo’s cancer board to get a consensus about diagnosis and treatment options. One of the biopsies indicated that it had penetrated the organ wall, meaning it was Stage II. Typically, this was treated with surgery. Joanne was given the option to have the surgery or continue with tests every three months. She felt confident in the physician’s care and opted to wait and do the tests.

“I can’t say enough about how great Healthnetwork has been,” Joanne said. “To have someone step in like Laura did and take the stress out of getting to the best care was such a relief. My Legatus chapter needs to know just how Healthnetwork can help when you call them. This is such an advantage for all of us.

“Laura was so kind, attentive and understanding. Because of my experience and because I have family members with health concerns, Bill and I chose to become Healthnetwork GOLD supporters. I am so grateful for the extraordinary care and support and the quick response; it felt good to support Healthnetwork and the important work they do for all of us. And if the time comes to help them, I know Healthnetwork will step in and get them to the best medical care.”

KATIE HANNIBAL is Healthnetwork Foundation’s marketing director.

HEALTHNETWORK is a Legatus membership benefit, a healthcare “concierge service” that provides members and their families access to some of the most respected hospitals in the world. One Call Starts It All: (866) 968-2467 or (440) 893-0830. Email:

HEALTHNETWORK FOUNDATION is a non-profit whose mission is to improve medicine for all by connecting CEOs with leading hospitals and their doctors to provide the best access to world-class care and increase philanthropic funding for medical research.


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