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Katie Hannibal, Diane Erickson, Mark Keenan | author
Oct 01, 2012
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Healthnetwork Foundation: Working for you

Healthnetwork Foundation is a health care concierge service and Legatus member benefit . . .

Katie Hannibal

Have you wondered what the Legatus Healthnetwork Foundation is all about?

Over the years, Healthnetwork has connected dozens of Legatus members and their families to the top hospitals where they are afforded an elevated level of care and attention.

Legatus members can call Healthnetwork for unparalleled access to over 30 of the most highly ranked hospitals in the U.S. and receive confidential assistance with: an initial diagnosis, expert second opinions, chronic condition management, executive physicals, mental health/addiction treatment and medical research.

This compassionate care is available for Legatus members, their spouses, their children and their parents. Healthnetwork hospitals establish relationships with families who help fund much-needed research and development to improve medicine for all. Healthnetwork also donates to its partner hospitals and the physicians working there with annual Service Excellence Awards that fund medical research.

Katie Hannibal is Healthnetwork Foundation’s director of marketing.


Healthnetwork and Mayo Clinic Florida really know how to treat people well. Linda, my Healthnetwork medical coordinator, really made an effort to work with me in just the right way to accommodate my requests.

Diane and Richard Erickson

My incredible experience continued at Mayo. I went through registration quickly and the doctor was ready and waiting for me. She alleviated my concerns and gave me the peace of mind that I was working with a true expert.

My familiarity with Healthnetwork stems from their articles in Legatus magazine. I wasn’t quite sure what would happen when I called Healthnetwork, but I am glad I called. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate all that Healthnetwork and my physician at Mayo are doing on my behalf. This experience has given me the confidence to encourage other members to call Healthnetwork for their health issues.

Diane Erickson
Erickson and her husband Richard, president and owner of Sun Tire, Inc., are members of Legatus’ Jacksonville Chapter and Healthnetwork GOLD Supporters.


Mark Keenan

My niece had surgery in an effort to remove a form of cancer. After further examination, doctors also spotted issues in her lungs and became suspicious of cancer once again. I called Healthnetwork for help in finding the right specialists for the needed tests. Pat, my Healthnetwork medical coordinator, quickly coordinated with the liaisons at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, and my niece was able to meet with the doctors in just a few days.

Just before we received the test results, doctors were ready to start chemotherapy. Thankfully the results arrived quickly and showed that my niece’s lungs were actually infected — not cancerous. It was a long process, but we are all pleased with the work that the doctors have done to date and will continue to do to address her cancer and lung infection.

With Healthnetwork’s help, my niece quickly received the testing that she needed which saved her from being treated for a misdiagnosis. I want others to know about the positive things that Healthnetwork has done for my family so that they will contact them when needed.

Mark Keenan
Co-founder, chairman of the board, KHS&S Contractors, Inc. Orlando Chapter of Legatus


Healthnetwork is a Legatus membership benefit, a healthcare “concierge service” that provides members and their families access to some of the most respected hospitals in the world. One Call Starts It All: (866) 968-2467 or (440) 893-0830. Email:


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