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Stephen Henley | author
Jun 11, 2017
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Hats off to our members

In this Issue of Legatus magazine, we commemorate our 30th anniversary as an organization whose mission is to attain heaven and bring as many souls with us as possible. Congratulations to you, our members, for the work you have done to achieve this holy mission over the past 30 years!

Stephen Henley

This May our International Board of Governors met for their second of three meetings a year. Our International Board of Governors is comprised of 11 members from chapters all over the country, from both large and small chapters in small markets as well as big. The board opted to use the opportunity to have the trimestral meetings in Los Angeles where four of our chapters meet from the Los Angeles area at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. The gathering was hosted by our international ecclesial advisor, Archbishop Jose H. Gomez.

During this trip, our founder recalled the beginning of Legatus, noting that the basis of Legatus is the same today as it was from the start. Tom Monaghan began planning the meetings for the middle of the week, “because you were taking extremely busy, successful people and pushing them to go to Mass more than once a week. Then by having Confession and Rosary before Mass, you are further enriching the spiritual experience for the members.” Think about the example this presents to your spouse, children, parents and co-workers.

Regardless of what chapter you visit, the monthly chapter meetings have not varied from that first day in 1987. All meetings offer Confession, reciting the rosary, celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, enjoying a brief social period and a first-class meal, and the icing on the cake: an inspiring speaker. In its entirety, the whole evening is a masterpiece!

It must be acknowledged that there sometimes comes the temptation when there is a busy month, and we all have them often, when we start treating Confession and rosary before Mass as the buffer to ensure we are not late to Mass, versus the enormous grace it is, on its own, to pray and unite with fellow members of our chapter.

On this 30th anniversary of our founding, I urge you all, members, officers, chaplains and administrators of chapters, to encourage all of your members to take advantage of the whole experience. Legatus is not something to be cutting apart and taking bits and pieces, but rather in its entirety, it exists to help you be accountable to yourself and God as well as to hold your peers accountable in truly working to further your faith and finally, to bring as many souls to heaven as possible.

What all chapters offer is an experience, and if we are not giving our members the best experience of the month, then we fall short as an organization. “The world needs genuine witnesses in Christian ethics in the field of business, and the Church calls you (Legatus) to fulfill this role publicly with courage and perseverance.” Thank you for joining in this call to action from Pope St. John Paul II! To 30 years and beyond!

STEPHEN HENLEY is Legatus’ executive director. 


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