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Gerald Korson | author
Aug 01, 2020
Filed under Books

Guarding the Flame: the Challenges Facing the Church in the Twenty-First Century, a Conversation with Cardinal Péter Erdoő

Robert Moynihan and Viktoria Somogyi
TAN Books, 301 pages


Many may not have heard of Cardinal Péter Erdő, the archbishop of Esztergom Budapest and primate of Hungary, but after reading this far-reaching interview readers will become thoroughly familiar with his early life, his experiences as a priest and bishop, the Church in Hungary during and after Communist rule, and his perspective on the Catholic faith and its place in today’s world. Not every topic will strike each reader as something of great interest, but there is much good to be gleaned here from both historical and theological perspectives. Faithful Catholics will surely benefit from getting to know Cardinal Erdő a bit better.


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