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Patrick Novecosky | author
Apr 01, 2011
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Faith, reason and grace

Patrick Novecosky says truth and logic won’t win over pro-aborts without prayer . . .

I’ve often wondered why abortion rights advocates can’t look at an ultrasound, study a few biology text books and logically conclude that human life begins at conception. For those of us in the pro-life movement, it’s patently obvious. Facts are facts.

As the second of nine children, I grew up watching my mother’s belly swell with new life every two to four years. I knew that within a few months, we’d be able to meet our new brother or sister. In one case, it was two brothers at once! Before I could read or write, I knew that my mother was carrying a baby — a person — and not just a “blob of tissue.”

As technological advances like ultrasound machines and in utero surgery dispel the abortion industry’s old lies, they’ve resorted to emotional arguments, distortion and new lies in order to maintain their position.

Upon even scant analysis, Planned Parenthood’s stance that it’s a pro-woman organization is laughable. Studies show that 93% of women regret their abortion. After abortion, depression, suicide and anxiety disorders skyrocket. A 2008 study by Dr. Priscilla Coleman found women who had abortions (compared with those who didn’t) had a 120% higher risk for alcohol abuse and a 79% increased risk of drug abuse.

However, the truth is winning hearts and minds. There are more pro-life members of Congress than ever before, and lawmakers across the country are passing legislation at the state level that makes it tougher to get an abortion.

The pro-life movement still has a long way to go, however, in breaking through to hearts and minds in Hollywood. While there are a number of superb faith-friendly films on the way this summer and fall, none has a blatantly pro-life message. Legatus’ Hollywood Chapter is one bright spot on this front in the culture war, so we can expect good things in the years ahead.

Nonetheless, we have to realize that changing our abortion-minded culture is not just a matter of doing and saying the right things. It’s not just a matter of presenting the facts and tugging at heartstrings. This is first and foremost a spiritual battle. It’s one we cannot win on our own. Without divine assistance, without God’s grace, without the faithful storming heaven, our best efforts will certainly fall short.

Why? Because sin blinds us to the truth — especially the truth about our own sin. Sin is like a wall between us and God. Jesus Christ is Truth itself, and sin cuts us off from Him. Prayer brings grace, and grace brings down walls. It allows us to claim the victory He won for us on Calvary. As we enter the most holy time of the year, please remember to pray for abortion-minded women and those who minister to them. The battle is ours in Christ. All we have to do is claim it.

Patrick Novecosky is Legatus Magazine’s editor.


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