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Kate Hannibal | author
Oct 01, 2009
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Expand your medical options

The Healthnetwork-Legatus partnership grew out of a belief that good health is priceless . . .


The partnership between Healthnetwork Foundation and Legatus grew out of a belief that good health is priceless.

“Many Legatus members are of an age where they are naturally focusing on their health,” said Legatus founder Tom Monaghan. “When you have an organization like Healthnetwork, which can find the best physician for you or a loved one and get you to that physician, well, no one can dispute the value in that.”

Monaghan values good health. He’s careful about what he eats, exercises and has regular checkups. “Healthnetwork is a godsend,” he said. “I don’t know where the best doctors are, but Healthnetwork does. I find it very reassuring to have the unique services of Healthnetwork available for me and my family.”

Healthnetwork Foundation is a non-profit foundation and a Legatus member benefit. Healthnetwork will arrange for you or your loved ones to be seen at the most-respected hospitals for diagnosis, treatment, second opinions or preventive executive health physicals. Healthnetwork has access to the most advanced medical care, so access is yours when and where you need it most.

Over the years, Monaghan has referred several key associates and family members to Healthnetwork. “One referral was for a famous priest who could not get a proper diagnosis for his health condition,” Monaghan said. “Upon hearing his story, I called Healthnetwork on his behalf. They got him into the Cleveland Clinic quickly and really made a difference for him.”

Monaghan recently had an opportunity to experience Healthnetwork first hand. “I woke up one morning with incredible back pain,” he said. “One call to Healthnetwork and I was connected very quickly to the best spine specialist in the area,” he explained.

Monaghan had barely sat down in the bustling lobby when he was greeted and whisked away to his appointment. “The physician was kind, comforting and very professional. He took care of my back problem. I could not have asked for more.

“I wish more Legatus members would take advantage of Healthnetwork,” Monaghan added. “While many of them have great confidence in their own physicians, I would encourage them to reach out to Healthnetwork and explore their options. Healthnetwork can tap into the medical experts who are really making a difference.”

Kate Hannibal is Healthnetwork’s marketing manager.


“I am most grateful for Joe Canizaro* and his support of this benefit — Healthnetwork — for all Legatus members. This is a tremendous blessing for us all. I support Healthnetwork Foundation through their GOLD program, and I encourage all Legates to do the same. Your support will be an investment in your family’s health and the continuation of this vital member benefit for all of us.” — Thomas S. Monaghan

* Joe Canizaro, chairman of First Bank and Trust of New Orleans and a member of Legatus’ New Orleans Chapter, generously assisted in funding Healthnetwork Foundation as a member benefit for all Legates. A Healthnetwork GOLD application is included in the center of this magazine.

Healthnetwork is a Legatus membership benefit, a healthcare “concierge service” that provides members and their families access to some of the most respected hospitals in the world. To learn how this can work for you, call (866) 968-2467 or (440) 893-0830. E-mail:


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