2020 Oberammergau & Oktoberfest Pilgrimage- SOLD OUT

September 27-October 6, 2020

Travel to Bavaria to experience the world-famous Passion Play! Enjoy attend the closing days of Oktoberfest, enjoy Alpine sightseeing, and visit sacred Christian sites along the way! The history of the Passion Play goes back to the year 1634 when the quaint alpine village of Oberammergau was threatened by the Black Plague that scourged Europe, killing two-thirds of the population in Germany. The people of Oberammergau vowed that if the village could be spared, a re-enactment of the life and suffering of Christ would be performed. The village was miraculously saved from the ravages of the Black Death.  Now, the inhabitants of the town perform the play every ten years with critical acclaim!

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