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Patrick Novecosky | Review
Jun 02, 2014
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Evangelizing Catholics

Scott Hahn equips readers with a guide to understanding the New Evangelization . . .

HahnEvangelizing Catholics
Scott Hahn
Our Sunday Visitor, 2014
192 pages, $19.95 hardcover

Hahn’s latest book, subtitled A Mission Manual for the New Evangelization, is a remarkable tool for Legates to learn, live and spread their faith. He asserts that to be a Christian is to be an evangelizer.

Hahn equips readers with a guide to understanding what the New Evangelization is, who it’s really for, a roadmap to where it all happens, and a simple, beautiful message to share. Evangelization, for Catholics, is simply friendship raised up to the highest level. Enter a deeper friendship with Christ, and you’ll want to share his companionship with a wider circle of friends.

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