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Patrick Novecosky | Review
Dec 03, 2012
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Envoy for Christ

Veteran evangelist Patrick Madrid shares his insights and experiences as an evangelist . . .

Envoy for Christ
Servant Books, 2012
392 pages, $19.99 paperback

Over the past 25 years, author and apologist Patrick Madrid has explained and defended the Catholic faith worldwide. Envoy for Christ is a fascinating look inside Catholic apologetics from his vantage point on the frontlines. A fixture on Catholic radio apologetics programs, Madrid covers a variety of topics from comparative religions to all things Catholic — and he includes insights into how his own thinking has matured over the years.

He points out that learning about our own faith and that of our detractors is basic to fulfilling our call to evangelize. Full of his “man on the street” observations, this book is a legacy of his far-reaching public ministry.

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