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Kate Hannibal | author
Apr 01, 2009
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Customized health information for you

How do you sort through all the health-related information you find online? . . .


Katie Hannibal

Medical information abounds on the Internet. Just type the word “cancer” into a search engine and you’ll have millions of sites to choose from. Deciding which information to trust isn’t easy or quick even for the savviest web surfers. Sometimes the information is just what was needed, but more often your search will end in frustration.

To help sift through the overwhelming amount of information on the Internet, Healthnetwork will conduct a Health Information Search (HIS) to provide you with the latest, most up-to-date information available. Healthnetwork has partnered with a leading medical center to ensure that our members receive accurate information from a variety of sources, many of which are not in the public domain.

Additionally, Healthnetwork medical director, Susan Locke, M.D., is available to assist with the compilation of medical information. Information will be distributed electronically or as a hard copy, whichever you prefer.

What’s included? The HIS contains materials from a variety of credible medical sources and provides some of the best information on the Web for understanding symptoms and diseases, diagnostic tests, treatment options and latest medical research. Every request is unique and information provided in the search is tailored to your specific request.

How quickly can I receive the information? Searches are performed upon request and are usually completed within two business days. Once the information has been compiled it can be mailed or e-mailed.

How do I make a request? Legates may request a HIS by contacting Healthnetwork. Contact information is to the right.

What does it cost? The service is free for Legatus members.


Your benefits

One of the benefits of your Legatus membership is access to Healthnetwork Foundation’s unique services. Legatus Healthnetwork is a dynamic partnership focused on providing presidents and CEOs a direct link to the world’s top hospitals. Simply put, Legatus Healthnetwork is dedicated to cutting through the red tape to provide business leaders access to the country’s top hospitals — quickly. Within these hospitals, Healthnetwork has developed unique facilitation services to ensure that medical situations are handled with attentive support and unmatched competence.

Legatus members can call Healthnetwork for:

• appointments at top hospitals for diagnosis or medical treatment;

• second opinions;

• information about a medical diagnosis; and

• preventive health programs, such as executive physicals.

Your health is our priority. Healthnetwork fields calls for referrals of just about every medical condition. Some of our more common calls are for cancer, executive health, neurology, orthopedic issues, heart problems, research service, addiction and mental health concerns, pediatrics, digestive and eye care.

Kate Hannibal is Healthnetwork Foundation’s marketing manager.

Healthnetwork is a Legatus membership benefit, a healthcare “concierge service” that provides members and their families access to some of the most respected hospitals in the world. To learn how this can work for you, call (866) 968-2467 or (440) 893-0830. E-mail:


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