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Patrick Novecosky | Review
Jun 01, 2016
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Culture of Death

Wesley J. Smith
Encounter Books, 2016
360 pages, paperback $16.95

Smith has updated his award-winning book critiquing the modern bioethics movement. He chronicles how the threats to human life have accelerated in recent years, from the proliferation of euthanasia to the potential for “death panels” posed by Obamacare.

Subtitled The Age of “Do Harm” Medicine, the book reveals how more doctors have withdrawn from the Hippocratic Oath and how “bioethicists” influence policy by posing questions such as whether organs may be harvested from the terminally ill and disabled. This is a passionate yet coolly reasoned book about the current crisis in medical ethics by a recent winner of Legatus’ Cardinal O’Connor Pro-Life Award.



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