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Bill Howard | author
Aug 04, 2010
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Colorado Springs charters

Legatus’ newest chapter becomes the second for the Rocky Mountain State . . .

Members of Legatus' Colorado Springs Chapter gather with Bishop Michael Sheridan at their May 4 chartering ceremony

Members of Legatus’ Colorado Springs Chapter gather with Legatus founder Tom Monaghan and Bishop Michael Sheridan at their May 4 chartering ceremony

Legatus’ Colorado Springs Chapter became the state’s second chartered chapter during a ceremony and Mass on May 4 at St. Paul Church. Launched in 2007, the chapter has grown to include 21 business leaders and their spouses. Among them are owners of car dealerships, construction companies and cattle ranches.

Colorado Springs Bishop Michael Sheridan celebrated the Mass, together with chapter chaplain Monsignor Bob Jaeger, diocesan vicar general and pastor of St. Paul, and Fr. Larry Brennan, diocesan director of continuing formation.

During his homily, Bishop Sheridan talked about the Gospel reading (Jn 14:27-31), where Christ leaves his peace with his disciples — a peace not from the world but rather a divine peace. He said this distinction is important when discerning Christ’s message of peace in a world full of crime, war and other chaos.

Bishop Sheridan said that peace comes with what St. Augustine calls “tranquility of order.”

“We confront situations that sometimes seem to have no order,” he said. “You know the business world is not always an orderly world. The order we seek is a right order with God. When we live in his grace, practice charity, seek and work for justice, there is serenity, tranquility and peace — even amid some intense sufferings.”

Bishop Sheridan called on members to be agents of peace through charity and justice.

“The fruit if charity is peace. The fruit of the justice of God is peace. That can belong to every one of us, and it can make a difference in the world,” he said. “We ought not to be discouraged that we don’t have this peace Christ offers to us … we do have it. We need to live it and share it with others.”

After Communion, the chapter’s charter officers were presented: Mike Faricy (president), Paul Sprehe (vice president), Greg Papineau (treasurer), Art and Katheleen Nutter (membership chairs) and Randy and Missy Cloud (program chairs).

Each of the chapter’s charter members were then greeted by Faricy, Bishop Sheridan, Monsignor Jaeger and Legatus founder Tom Monaghan — who gave them a Legatus pin and a signed copy of his autobiography, Pizza Tiger.

Dr. Edward Sri

Dr. Edward Sri

After Mass, members transitioned to The Broadmoor Golf Club for dinner. Ted Sri, professor of theology and scripture at Denver’s Augustine Institute, spoke to members on “Praying the Rosary Like Never Before.”

Sri lauded the Legatus members for making the rosary an important part of their mission. He urged them to read Pope John Paul II’s 2002 letter on the rosary, which introduced the Luminous mysteries. He challenged members to persevere when praying the rosary and not to worry about not being focused the entire time. He likened it to a parent who receives a drawing from their child.

“A good intention still gives glory to God,” he said. “Our Father doesn’t see just the scribbles, He sees our heart. Satan wants us to feel discouraged when praying the rosary. He knows how powerful it is.”

The evening came to a close with comments from Monaghan and Legatus’ executive director John Hunt who pointed out the significance of being Legatus’ newest chapter. He recalled visiting the diocese last year to determine whether or not the Colorado Springs group was ready to be chartered.

“I sensed a real enthusiasm for making this happen,” said Hunt, acknowledging Faricy’s efforts as well as the chapter’s two chaplains in its brief history — Monsignor Jaeger and Fr. Mark Pranaitis. “A chartering event is a special time of joy. All of the Legatus chapters are with you tonight.”

Monaghan gave a brief history of Legatus which he said isn’t a project-driven apostolate, but rather offers a unique environment for business leaders to grow in their faith.

“We take people like you, proven leaders in your community who meet the payroll, bring them together and become better Catholics,” he said.

Monaghan said he’s frequently moved by “how some people’s faith are enlivened by being part of Legatus.”

Before Monsignor Jaeger closed the evening with prayer, Faricy reminded the charter members one more time of Legatus’ spiritual mission.

“We’re here to get to heaven and take as many people as we can with us,” he said.

Bill Howard is the Colorado Catholic Herald’s editor. An abridged version of this article appeared in the July/August issue of Legatus Magazine.


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