Ann Arbor Chapter

Date of Chartering May 25, 2005

Diocese of Lansing Bishop Earl A. Boyea

President Bill Pressprich

Chapter Chaplain Father Chas Canoy


Chapter History

The Ann Arbor Chapter is one of a distinct few. It’s one of the distinct chapters born directly of Legatus’ mother chapter, the Michigan Chapter, which, having done her duty, is now retired. But Ann Arbor bears a further distinction that the others—Detroit, Detroit Northeast and Genesis (Toledo)—cannot claim: It was the ground upon which Legatus was founded when Tom Monaghan held the first informational meeting there on June 2, 1987.

Through the contagious enthusiasm of Monaghan and his early recruits, the Michigan Chapter blossomed to over 100 members in the heady first years of Legatus. In addition to members from Ann Arbor and its environs, they included a strong showing from the Detroit metropolitan area as well as a contingent from below the Michigan border in Toledo. Favoring a regional approach, plans were prepared in August 1989 for the mother chapter to bear children and send them packing.

The Detroit Chapter was the first chapter to issue forth, formally chartering in 1992. (It would eventually subdivide with the formation of the Detroit Northeast Chapter, which chartered in 2002.) The Michigan Chapter continued to function under that name until members from the Toledo-area contingent gained a critical mass and decided to form what they called the Genesis Chapter in 2005. At that point the “Michigan Chapter” name was retired, and Ann Arbor—the place where Legatus was born—came into its own with an eponymous chapter that formally chartered on May 25, 2005.



Chapter Officers

President: Bill Pressprich
Treasurer: Rick Hendricks
Past President: Andy Shmina
Membership Chair: Bob Schwartz
Directors: Charlie Crone
Richard Genthe
John Juriga
Jerry Schoenle

Chapter Chaplain

Father Chas Canoy
Pastor, St. John the Evangelist Parish
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Chapter Administrator

Shelly Moreland

Regional Director

Amy Dillon
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